Thursday, August 4, 2016

Perspective Grid tool in Adobe Illustrator

In perspective Grid tool to work on it, open up a new blank document and hit Shift+P to select the tool. This is the short cut for this tool .This should automatically pop up what looks like the corner of a big cube right in the middle of the document.

We can demonstrate 3D perspective views in relation to any horizon or environment. It helps in recreating construction lines, horizon and vanishing points. This tool is placed in tool bar option in illustrator and is great help in creating perspective illustrations. When we press the button and open the tool it shows a default grid and from there on we can make custom changes according to our requirements. It has selection points to choose and can be adjusted.

Next step is to draw a object we want to show in perspective. Object can be drawn or imported using other different tools available in illustrator. Once the object is drawn it can be placed onto the plane of choice using perspective selection tool and put in position be simply drag and drop. Size and position of object can be adjusted as required by using standard tools. Object can be replicated and put in perspective by duplicating and adjusting in position.

We can adjust according to eye line of person standing close or far from a perspective and can be adjust using by moving points accordingly. The default shows 3 planes and has different colors to differentiate. The 3D cube panel on left hand top corner be used to select the plane we want to work on. The 3 planes available to work on are left plane, right plane and bottom or ground plane. These can be adjusted with 3 points given in front of the perspective default grid panel. The lines or grid on these planes work as guide for us to work upon.

In view panel we can go into define perspective grid option for making any changes to the perspective as per requirements. In preset we can choose from 1p, 2p Or 3p options. We have options to choose for units available in inches to centimeters to points as are available with other standard options. Next option is to choose from scale desired. We can choose from viewing angle and viewing distance for selection and can create required image with perspective. For showing grid on different planes we can select different colors and opacity as required. Colors can be selected with drop down menu available with the options. 
The great thing about the Perspective Grid tool is that all artwork and text remain completely editable, even down to a point by point basis. It is also easy to go back later and change about the position of an object, pushing it forward or backward into the scene.

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