Friday, August 26, 2016

Advertising Design Course at Graphic Design Institute

Advertising Design Master Course is all about studying to become a professional, creative, and innovative communication designer. This course is well suited for those students, who are looking their career in graphic design, communication designing, web designing, UI designing, UI development, web promotion etc.

During the Advertising Design Master Course, you will study visual analysis, management practice, theoretical models, graphic design, web design, web fundamentals, multimedia, website management, communication design, existing and emerging media technologies, advertising process and management of the collaboratively iterative development of branding and marketing campaigns.

The course is spread over 12 months and designed to enable you to get the skills you need step by step. There are two semesters during the course and we offer you new building blocks in each semester. It’s a journey of discovery and you can’t just sit back for the ride, for this you must have to get involved.

After completion of course you will be able to develop your thinking and skills in the following challenges:
  • Brand management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Website Design
  • UI Development
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Web Promotion
  • Digital Content Development
  • Visual Grammar
  • Collaborative Design
  • Integrated Designing
  • Marketing and Self Promotion
  • Sketching Concepts
We can’t promise that its an easy ride, but all our ex-students say it’s been an enjoyable one – and they’ve ‘learned loads’. So, if you have been searching what’s the best way for you to put your creative juices to work, advertising designing course will be best suited for you..
Key Feature's:

Our batches are small and friendly with just 4-5 students in the each batch. This means that our faculty are more approachable and available for all the students. If you are creative, innovative, enterprising, working professional with a professional attitude and always ready to hit the ground running, then advertising and brand design may be just the thing for you.

Further Information:

We started this course in 2008, and since then has grown rapidly in reputation. In last 8 years we have successfully encouraged our students to take part in various indoor and outdoor competitions and have been successful in achieving awards. The atmosphere on the course is one of passion and excitement for the subject.

We encourage team-work, but also mentor students in their personal development, placement, resume and portfolio development. We have an ‘open door' policy; this allows students to contact their respective lecturers when they need too.

We have industry expert professional trainer with strong links with reputed company; this allows students to develop their ability to work with industry with particular understanding of the marketing mix.

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