Thursday, November 30, 2017

Step by Step Poster Designing in CorelDRAW

Poster is designed on printed paper. It includes both textual and graphic elements. But poster can be designed using both solely graphics or text. It is different than any other design. They are basically used for advertisement of any company or event to communicate messages. Poster designing is quite a bit different than any other design piece that may be done. There is not one way to design them. They offer the freedom to design that no other document design can. These guidelines can really open the possibilities to show creativity in the process.
If you are pursuing graphic design courses in Delhi and trying to make a poster, so CorelDRAW is best option available.

First thing that you should know is that your poster should be very eye-catching and informative. Secondly, it should get the attention and serve the purpose.

So now here are some points you need to know before designing a poster in CorelDRAW:

  1. First of all, you should prepare the design brief with your client so that you can understand the design objective. 
  2. Then collect the required content for poster such as logo, brand name, date, website, and other important information. 
  3. Then choose the grid system, layout, and color scheme for your poster. If you have logo of company or event for which you are designing poster, so choose the color scheme according to logo.
  4. Then you should prepare at least 4 Thumbnail Sketches or Idea Layouts which will demonstrate your ideas for that.
  5. Pick 1 or 2 best thumbnails and add detail to them to make your Rough Layouts. Colors can be used for detailing purposes.
  6. Pick one best from the Rough Layout and add the high-level detailing to create the Finished Layout.
  7. Then open up your CorelDraw and convert your Finished Layout to the Digital design.
Note: For planning all above explained topics you need to attend training from a dedicated CorelDraw Training Institute as this can't be learnt without the instructor. Yet I am giving some points to explore by you if you can. 
       1. Visual Grammar
       2. Drawing and Sketching with all the possible media and mediums
       3. Strong knowledge of computer designing software

Now once all the above-mentioned steps are done, you can start designing digitally. There are different things you can use in CorelDRAW for making a poster.

You can use shapes combined with fountain fills, drop shadows that can give outer glow or shadow to your graphic or text, then with the help of blend tool, custom pattern fills, various blending modes can be applied and original images can be added as per the requirements from the company or event.

What I designed in CorelDraw once, want to share with you here so giving you some points to design in CorelDraw below:
  1. First of all, we will open a new document and set the name of poster and the standard page size. For example, here we are designing a poster for yoga studio.
  2. We will set the background, choose a rectangle shape and then you can choose fountain fill for color and blending modes. You can also select the triadic color scheme like orange, yellow and green.
  3. Now take a rectangle tool same as your page size and choose fountain fill or you can also make rays through shape tool. Again, take a rectangle tool and make thin long boxes, copy them and rotate it.
  4. Now fill the color according to logo or color scheme. Then as background is set, choose the image of yoga pose and set in the center. I have chosen silhouette image. You can also use drop shadow on your image if needed.
  5. If you have chosen silhouette image you can place your punch line on the image but if you have chosen the image of a model, then you can place your punchline in the bottom. Place your logo on right or left side.
  6. Event information, website name, phone number or any other information will come at the bottom.
After all the above steps are done your poster will be completed. We hope you found this tutorial on “how to make a poster” helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. Don’t forget to show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos and creative projects with us.  In case, you would like to learn short-term certificate course in CorelDraw, then learn this tool by joining classes for CorelDraw in Delhi which is recommended for every designer who wants to benefit from its features like increased speed, accurate color control, improved vector illustration tools, and additional design capabilities.   

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