Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Features in Photoshop CC 2018

Photoshop is an image editing application developed by Adobe. It’s used by graphic designers, artists. and photographers for enhancing and manipulate images to improve their overall appearance. It’s an exceptional tool that makes the process of photo editing easy. Once you are familiar with the tool, you can enhance any image in couple of minutes. This application is the most preferred one by both beginners and professionals! There are some of the best and useful features introduced in Photoshop CC 2018. In this blog, we are going to discuss newly introduced features. You can also learn all the tools along with new feature set by joining Photoshop Certificate Course in Delhi which can be valuable. 

1. Select and Mast Improvement

The algorithm for Select & Mask has been drastically improved. Now extracting subjects from backgrounds with more complex details has become more manageable and efficient task. With the use of this background of an image can be modified. 

2. Brush Settings Panel

New names have been given to The Brushes panel and the Brush Presets panel. Brushes panel is now known as Brush Settings panel and Brush Presets panel is now known as Brushes. In the new Brushes panel, all installed brushes can be seen. Newly created brushes by Kyle Webster can also be accessed in Photoshop CC 2018. The new brushes consist of free brushes, wet media, dry media, and special effects brushes.  

There are a lot of small time-saving changes has been done to Brush panel. For example, if the Brush tool is selected, instead of opening Brush panel or go to the Brush picker tool , simply  right clicking on the image will open up a Brush panel which allows you to select a different brush or adjust the size and hardness of the brush. You can also now drag and drop your favorite brushes to different groups.

3. New Variable Font

Variable fonts give an opportunity to designers to find perfect typeface for their designs. You can now adjust the weight, width, and slant of the letters, after selection of any font. This will help designers to control the exact aesthetic after incorporating typography into their work.

4. Curvature Pen Tool

      A lot of people struggle while using pen tool. Photoshop CC 2018’s new Curvature Pen Tool has made it simpler to draw or trace curved shapes. When it comes to creating curved paths, the tool is amazingly instinctual. This newly added tool is available under regular Pen tool menu. You can create a curve just by clicking, rather than clicking or dragging with the pen tool. 

5. Newly Added Learn Panel

Photoshop has come up with a brand new panel known as the Learn Panel. You can access this panel from Windows > Learn. It can be beneficial for the novices who are just new to Photoshop. It gives them an opportunity to learn the application from scratch and made it more intuitive with the 2018 release.

6. Accessibility to Lightroom Photos

Adobe has finally made it simpler to access Lightroom photos from Photoshop without opening Lightroom. It will no longer be supporting the standalone version of Lightroom and has instead rolled two version of the program into the Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe Lightroom CC, is a cloud-based version will be integrated with Photoshop. Lightroom CC also lets you upload photos directly to your cloud account by visiting lightroom.adobe.com or using a mobile app. Lightroom is now called Lightroom Classic CC and is available to all Creative Cloud subscribers. But this version will not be integrated into Photoshop. 

7.  Enhanced Copy and Paste Shortcut 

In the latest version of Photoshop CC 2018, copy and paste layers between documents can be easily done using the standard keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl/Cmd + C and Ctrl/Cmd + V).
Rather than dragging layers around or toggling your tabs to a tabbed view, you can just use a keyboard shortcut. If you want to paste the layer in the exact same location as in the first document, just use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V).
Adobe Photoshop is a timeless application which explores creativity and thoughts. Novices and professionals can learn various skills from Adobe Photoshop Institutes which can keep them engaging with their creative works. What do you think of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018? What’s your favorite feature? What features are at the top of your Photoshop wish list that Adobe has yet to fulfill? Let us know in the comments.

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