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What Makes Adobe InDesign A Leading Desktop Publishing Software

Desktop Publishing software 

It is also called e-publishing or online publishing. Digital publishing is a tool for designers or programmers for publishing their creatives such as brochures, magazines, banners, advertisements, visiting card, posters, flyers, web pages extra online. There are many software which provide digital publishing not only for the designers but only for the students, teachers extra. It supports EPUB and SWF formats to create digital publications such as e-books, magazines extra. We use this to create eBooks, online documents, animations, slideshows or pdfs. In Adobe InDesign, We can change designs in any format easily such as we can change EPUB format and pdf or slideshow to HTML.  There are a lot of tools which helps to design fast and neat. It also includes library which consists of shapes, text, tools, brushes, colors extra. 

Types of Desktop Publishing Software 

1.Word Processing Software  

We use this type of software to check the grammatical error, spellings, text extra. There is a disadvantage that, In these type of software we only can do simple layout formatting and there are fewer format options after exporting the file which you create in these type software. Examples of word processing software are - Microsoft Word, Google Doc, Corel WordPerfect extra.   

2. Page Layout Software 

We use this software with desktop publishing to print. This kind of software allows amalgamation of texts and images, page elements manipulation, publication of multi - pages such as newspapers, catalogues, magazines, prospectus extra. Examples of Page Layout Software – Adobe InDesign (available for windows, macs), QuarkXPress (available for windows, macs. Serif page plus, Microsoft publisher) extra. 

3. Graphics Software 

We use these type of software for webpage design, vector illustration, print publishing, image editing extra. It works with scalable vector graphics which allows flexibility while creating the artwork.  Photo editing application are good for web images. Examples of Graphics Software - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Corel PaintShop Pro extra.

4. Web Publishing or Electronic Software

Every designer need publishing skills whether he or she is from the printing field. These types of software consist of some electronic publishing facilities. Examples of Web Publishing or electronic software are – Adobe DreamWeaver extra.

List of Desktop Publishing Software 

  • Adobe
  • Corel
  • Microsoft
  • Quark 
  • Serif
Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software which is used to make magazines, brochures, flyers, newspapers, books, e-books extra. It was the first mac desktop printing application. InDesign exports the file in many formats such as jpg, png, pdf extra. It was the first desktop application which supports Unicode for text processing. It also supports mark-up coding and style sheets such as HTML and CSS. 
It is a splendid software for the production process that is why people choose InDesign as e-publishing software.


•   It produces print editions.
•  It has the ability to export a publication to EPUB3 & EPUB formats.          
•   It is a time-saving software.


As a conclusion, we can see that adobe InDesign is a stupendous software for desktop publishing. It is helpful for graphic designers, web designers, students also use it or they can prefer some Microsoft software for digital publishing. As we have seen that it has lot of advantages as a desktop publishing software as it can publish multi pages such as – newspapers, magazines, prospectus, catalogues extra, slideshows or pdfs extra.  
It was truly one of the best learning experiences of my life. My opinions have totally transformed about arts. Learning requires curiosity but without a good mentor and instructor, we face lot of problems while exploring new things. So, it was always fun to learn with Kapil Sengar as a mentor. As a technical aspect I learned four software and other related tools. As an art, I learned how to find ideas, imaginations and creativity.

About Author:

Hi, My name is Shreya Varshney and I am from Noida. I am pursuing Graphic Master Plus from ADMEC Multimedia Institute. I have successfully completed four software i.e. Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. It was a great experience for me to learn new software and art. Designing is not about learning new software but it requires creativity, imaginations, and curiosity. Mr Kapil Sir helped me a lot in putting my first step towards the journey of designing world. I found the idea from the surrounding using my own imaginations and creativity and taking help from my mentor “Kapil Senger”.

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